ANS: The right shade can transform a room. When choosing the right shade we recommend to take into account the following factors: THE SIZE OF THE SPACE:Light and bright colours can help make a small space look bigger, while bold and dark colours can help make a large space feel cozier. THE AGE OF USER:An individual’s colour preference can change throughout their life. Younger children may want to paint their rooms with brighter and more exciting colours while elderly members of the family may prefer more sober shades. THE USE OF THE ROOM:The paint colour you choose will set the mood of the room. Dramatic, subtle, cosy, stylish – all of these can be set by the shade of paint applied, and it is important to choose the mood based on how you use the room. FURNISHINGS AND LIGHTING:Seeing a colour work amazingly in one space does not mean it will work amazingly in all spaces. Light, ceiling height, furnishing and fixtures all play a role.

Water based paints are slowly gaining global popularity because of their unique features. These features include the fact that water based paints dry quickly because of their relatively high water content and are also considered to be eco-friendly as they keep walls porous, reduce suffocation and give a fresher feel to the room. Oil based paints dry harder which provides excellent resistance to wear and tear, thus making them highly durable. Oil based paints are also considered to be highly versatile products as some variations of it are recommended for use on walls while some variations are recommended for use on metal and wooden structures. Oil based paints are also considered easy to wipe/clean.

A primer is a preparatory coating put on surfaces before painting. Priming a surface ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides an additional layer of protection for the surface being painted.

Figuring out how much paint to buy doesn't have to be tricky. It's important to purchase enough paint to complete your project, but not have a large amount of paint leftover. For Best Results: Some Kopak products, such as______, have unique application techniques and may require different amounts of product. Consult the back of the label for specifics. For very small or very large quantities of paint, Kopak paint can be purchased in 0.91Ltrs, 3.64Ltrs and 14.56Ltrs. To determine how much paint you'll need for your project, use the handy paint calculator on

There are conditions specific to your project that can affect this, but we would always recommend a minimum of two coats.

Our paint can be applied using traditional brushes or rollers, depending on the desired final appearance.