Paintflex Emulsion is a good quality distemper, it covers more wall area than other distempers of its category.


      Smooth finish, good coverage, low odor.


       Matt finish


       Recommended for use on plaster, concrete, gypsum, brickwork and asbestos surfaces. This product is recommended for interior use only.


       New or bare surfaces must be clean and dry. Scuff the surfaces with a suitable sandpaper to make the surface smooth. Dust off thoroughly. For previously painted surfaces, all loose material including loose plaster, cement splashes, old paint, dust etc, must be thoroughly removed. New plaster/concrete must be fully cured.


       Available in 3.64 Ltrs and 14.56 Ltr packs


       One litre covers approximately 12-15 square meters per coat. Coverage may vary depending on the porosity of the surface, application technique and film thickness applied.


       It can be applied with a brush, roller or spray. Add fresh water in required quantity to thin down the paint and achieve smooth application. Avoid over thinning. Apply 2 coats for a perfect finish


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